Security & Life Safety

Security Coverage

Broadway Tech Centre has security personnel on-site 24 hours per day throughout the year to safeguard the complex. Bicycle patrols complement the regular guard service.

The security office is located next to the parkade entrance at 2925 Virtual Way. A security supervisor is on-site week days and is responsible for all security system requests and tenant security issues. The supervisor is available to meet with tenants to discuss security concerns.

A motion activated surveillance system helps to monitor entry and exit points, parking lots and exterior grounds. Code Blue duress phones are located throughout the parkade and dial directly to a monitoring station.

In case of an emergency, please call 911.

Emergency / Security Measures

To assist us in applying the appropriate security measures, we require up-to-date Emergency Contact Information. A Tenant Contact Information Form is provided for submission to the QuadReal Property Management office whenever there is a change in your organization:

For the following situations, the Emergency/Security numbers will be contacted in the order listed:

  • After-hours access requests from contractors or employees.
  • Significant damage to the premise.
  • A criminal event has occurred on the premise.
  • An unscheduled power loss.
  • Other situations as determined necessary by QuadReal Property Group staff and Security.

The Emergency / Security contacts are the only persons fully recognized by us to authorize the following:

  • Authorize access to the premise
  • Security system requests (new access cards, changing elevator time zones, requesting audit reports, etc.).
  • Provide instructions to security to deal with an emergency situation related to a specific tenant space
Safewalk Program

SafeWalk program is in place to escort occupants to their vehicles, bus stops, or to the property boundary across from the Renfrew Skytrain station. Tenants who would like an escort are asked to contact QuadReal Connect at 1-877-977-2262 or via email at [email protected]. Advanced notice is appreciated as it helps the Security team accommodate requests more efficiently.

Evacuation Drill

An annual evacuation drill is conducted for each building at Broadway Tech Centre.  We encourage tenants to participate and follow the directions of their Floor Wardens.

Fire Warden Program

We offer an annual session for all tenants to review procedures, roles and responsiblities.

The tenant program for Fire & Life Safety is managed by WPS utilizing an online program where tenant administrators record their company's Fire Wardens and are notified of upcoming evacuation drills.

For additional information regarding The Fire Warden program, Fire Emergency Response and other procedures, please contact Tenant Services at 1-877-977-2262 or at [email protected]